What NOT to do When You Have a Bee Problem

1.  Do not try to steal them in a wall with expanding foam. If they don’t chew their way out, they will die and liquefy and with the honey and baby bees and rot and stink.  Then you have a new problem – oozing stinking fluid in your walls seeping out and also attracting ants, mice, and rats.

2. Do not spray with wasp spray. You will not kill them all because 98% are deep in the wall or roof or tree. You will only make them mad and make the situation more difficult to deal with when a beekeeper is called to help.

3. Do not call an exterminator. For the same price or less, you can have a competent beekeeper save and rescue the whole colony and remove all the honey, wax, brood, and bees. Save the bees!

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