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Belmont Bee Swarm Rescue

Grab the big swarm today in Belmont – probably 3 pounds worth of beers – and even found the queen in the process. Yay!

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Hillsborough Trapout -Part 1

A few pictures of a trap out started today on a big beautiful heritage Live Oak. There were about six different entrances that were previously sealed (but of course the bees chewed their way out) so it took quite a bit … Continue reading

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Chimney Ghost Bees in Belmont

Got the call to remove a colony from a chimney in Belmont. Climbed up onto the roof, removed the chimney cap, and peered down, but no bees! Just a few scouts from a local swarm looking for a new home. … Continue reading

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Belmont Bee Colony Rescue

A spring swarm recently moved into a wall in Belmont through a tiny external hole. The colony was easily localized using thermal imaging and removed all within one hour. Happy bees, happy homeowners!            

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Belmont Chimney Bee Colony Removal

A small swarm had moved into a chimney in Belmont and fortunately they were able to be rescued before growing into a full size colony. It was a really peaceful colony that had just started to draw out comb which … Continue reading

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