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What NOT to do When You Have a Bee Problem

1.  Do not try to steal them in a wall with expanding foam. If they don’t chew their way out, they will die and liquefy and with the honey and baby bees and rot and stink.  Then you have a … Continue reading

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The Honeybees Girls Softball Team

Presenting LH Honeybee Rescue’s Redwood City Girls Softball League Team – The Honeybees. Go get em, girls!!!! 

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Bees Infected With Tracheal Mites

One of our hives had 100 or so bees moving very slowly outside of the boxes and it was suggested by some Beekeeper friends that our bees had tracheal mites. So the surgical instruments and microscopes were dusted off and … Continue reading

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Winter Brood Pattern

Did a quickie hive inspection today and found a nicely compacted winter broodnest. 

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Honey Harvest Day! 

The girls have been busy this spring – we pulled 7 gallons of honey today!

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United Colors of Apis


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