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Mountain View Roof Bee Removal

Took out some super chill Silicon Valley bees that had just swarmed into some roof eaves. Couldn’t find a queen or any eggs in the brand-new white comb so maybe she was a virgin queen. Time will tell.

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Mountain View Bee Swarm on a Car

Off we go to rescue this drive by swarm in Mountain View. 

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NASA Moffett Field Colony Rescue

Well this was just too cool – I got a call from a wildlife biologist at NASA who needed help removing an external colony of honey bees from one of their giant hangers at Moffett Field.  Top Gun beekeeping!  

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Bee Tree with Many Entrances

Just a few pictures from a bee tree project in Mountain View, CA. We coaxed the bees out of the tree and into a nearby nuc box and were able to seal 2 entrances to the colony. Happy bees and … Continue reading

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