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Shed floor bee removal

This was a really active colony of bees living in the floor of a shed that was going to be demolished in San Carlos. It would not have been a good thing to have bees flying around while the shed … Continue reading

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Wall honey bee colony removal

This colony is about one month old and was in the wall of a backyard shed in nearby San Mateo. The thermal camera showed exactly where the bees were and that made it easy to open up the structure, vacuum … Continue reading

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Emerald Hills swarm collection

This was a lovely swarm of bees hanging about 6 feet high in a lemon tree. Easy rescue on spring weekend afternoon 🙂

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Millbrae Shed Honeybee Colony Removal

This was a swarm that had moved into a shed wall a few weeks ago. The colony wasn’t too big so the removal was nice and quick. Open the wall, remove everybody, put it back together again, and relocate all … Continue reading

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Foster City Golf Course Bee Removal

These girls had been bothering  people on the putting green so it was time for them to go. A nice two-year-old colony was living in the floor of the shed and after sealing myself inside I was able to get … Continue reading

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