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Daly City Swarm

This was a nice swarm of honeybees hanging out on a fence in Daly City. It’s almost August but swarm season continues!

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Verizon Cell Tower Bee Colony

“Hello? Hello? I can’t hear anything but a bunch of buzzing!”

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It’s Mid-July And They’re Still Swarming

Here is a good 5 pound swarm collected this morning in San Bruno California. There still at it!

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Palo Alto Trapout Success

Another successful trapout of a new honey bee colony without having to open up the structure. And yes, we got the queen. 

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San Bruno Swarm Rescue

Here we have a nice sized swarm of bees hanging from a succulent in San Bruno, up near Skyline College. Thanks to the homeowner called us in for a rescue.

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Emerald Hills Swarm Rescue

On this 100° day for some reason this swarm decided to settle on a hot composite roof though we have to give them credit for seeking some relief from the sun in the shade of the gutter.

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Bucket Of Bees

A swarm decided to occupy this upturned 15 gal bucket in Menlo Park. They started drawing out some really beautiful comb but had to go because the homeowner was worried about their kids being stung. 

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