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Honeybees, Wasps, or Yellowjackets?

It’s that time of the year again when we get lots of calls to remove flying insects that are actually yellowjackets or wasps, and not honeybees. We can help with honeybee issues. But for yellowjackets and wasps please contact San … Continue reading

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Bee Tree with Many Entrances

Just a few pictures from a bee tree project in Mountain View, CA. We coaxed the bees out of the tree and into a nearby nuc box and were able to seal 2 entrances to the colony. Happy bees and … Continue reading

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Bee Tree Sealing in Mountain View

It’s always hard to seal up a bee tree but this colony was inactive and the apartment home owner association in Mountain View, CA wanted the tree sealed with hardware cloth to prevent a new swarm from moving in. We … Continue reading

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Swarm Rescue in Mountain View

Yesterday a swarm call was received from a couple in Mountain View. We grabbed the swarm kit and headed out. Sure enough this was a huge swarm — likely 4-5 lbs of bees! It must have originated from a beekeeper’s … Continue reading

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Swarm Capture in Menlo Park

We received word of a newly settled swarm in Menlo Park high in an oak tree and quickly dispatched a swarm trap. Within 24 hours we had successfully convinced the bees to move in, and in the next day they … Continue reading

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Bee Tree Cutout

Redwood City – fallen tree cutout. When a big tree falls in the woods in Emerald Hills, it may not make a sound. But when the agitated bees start buzzing the sound persists. We performed a little chainsaw sculpturing and … Continue reading

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Recycle Bees!

Performed a removal of a newly established colony from a recycle bin today in Palo Alto. This was a very young colony as evidenced by the new white comb, and we couldn’t figure out of the swarm had moved into … Continue reading

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