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The loveliest swarm of honeybees ever

So picturesque! Woodside, CA. Advertisements

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Palo Alto External Bee Colony Removal

This mass of bees started out as a swarm cluster about a week ago judging by how much new white comb was present and the number of eggs laid. They we’re unable to locate a new home, or decided that … Continue reading

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Woodside Elementary School Swarm Rescue

This nice sized swarm of honeybees settled in the garden area of an elementary school. The hiving was very straight forward and offered a nice opportunity for the kids to learn something about bees. 

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Woodside Bee Tree Trapout

It was a long four weeks but in the end we got all the bees out of the tree safe and sound and into their new pink home. Now the tree is ready for its awesome new treehouse!

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Woodside Bee Tree Trapout

This tree had some stubborn bees who were bothering the homeowners and couldn’t be coaxed out using traditional methods. So it was decided to build a trap out to save them from extermination. This box was put in place and … Continue reading

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