Harvested in Emerald Hills, California, our honey is created from local bees that visit the the millions of flowers that cascade our prominent east facing slope. Honey harvesting begins as early as March and runs as late as October, each harvest corresponding with the bloom occurring that time of year.

The first harvest of honey represents the spring season. Spring honeys are floral — scented from plum and cherry trees, and wildflowers. Spring honey is lighter in color.

The Summer harvest is scented by the millions of flowers of blackberry, toyon, bottle brush, pride of madeira, and others that are in bloom.

The Fall harvest is the last collection of the year. It is a herbaceous, savory honey with lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, thistle, and sage notes.









We are a small apiary comprised of a few honey bee hives located in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of the SF Bay Peninsula.

LH Apiaries utilizes organic, chemical-free, natural bee keeping practices. The bees are cared for by Emerald Hills residents in the beekeeping tradition of Serge Lebasque.

Beekeeping on the hill is a community effort. LH thanks the residents who tend their gardens, flowers, and fruit trees that support honey bees.



Please contact Landhaus H Apiaries at
650-250-4787, or by email.
Our price is $15 per lb.








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