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It’s a good feeling to capture a swarm of your own bees

Spotted these girls in a cherry plum tree in the backyard just about 10 feet from an established hive in a squirrel box I rescued last year. They marched right into that nuc box and will hopefully be psyched about … Continue reading

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First bee rescue of the year in Palo Alto

This was a nice bee colony almost the size of a bait hive/swarm trap – probably 40 l in volume. The bees were very docile and had pulled in almost 30 lbs of honey which will be given back to … Continue reading

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Looks like spring has sprung

The girls are super busy this week with the temps in the 70s here in the Bay Area.

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San Mateo Swarm Rescue

Received a call and headed out at8 o’clock this morning to capture a medium size swarm of bees on a beautiful maple tree in San Mateo. Judging by the response of the stragglers, I’m pretty sure the queen is in … Continue reading

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Swarm Rescue in Mountain View

Yesterday a swarm call was received from a couple in Mountain View. We grabbed the swarm kit and headed out. Sure enough this was a huge swarm — likely 4-5 lbs of bees! It must have originated from a beekeeper’s … Continue reading

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Bees in a Fence in Menlo Park

Some beekeeper friends in Menlo called to ask for help with removing a colony that had established itself inside a wooden fence. We were careful not to take too much of the fence apart and cut out the brood comb, … Continue reading

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Swarm Capture in Menlo Park

We received word of a newly settled swarm in Menlo Park high in an oak tree and quickly dispatched a swarm trap. Within 24 hours we had successfully convinced the bees to move in, and in the next day they … Continue reading

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