San Bruno bee colony rescue

This was a problematic colony of honeybees that was bothering a number of families and so it needed to go. The thermal camera easily picked up its position and size, making the removal pretty straight forward. In the end 3 nice frames were made and 2 buckets of bees were removed – including the queen. The lucky tenant made off with about 10 lbs of fresh and delicious honey!

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San Carlos swarm

Nice little swarm of bees in San Carlos yesterday – first call of the year. The bees were collected and housed by a fellow beekeeper.

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First bee rescue of the year in Palo Alto

This was a nice bee colony almost the size of a bait hive/swarm trap – probably 40 l in volume. The bees were very docile and had pulled in almost 30 lbs of honey which will be given back to them in their new home.

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Looks like spring has sprung

The girls are super busy this week with the temps in the 70s here in the Bay Area.

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Last Bee Rescue of 2017

My guess is that this late season rescue will be the last one of the year. These bees made their home in a water meter box but needed to go so a live removal was performed and everyone will get to live happily ever after in Woodside making honey.

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Bee Tree Rescue 

This is probably the last one of 2017 – coordinating with the homeowner, city, and arborist crew to do a live bee colony removal from heritage oak that was diseased and needed to come down in Atherton.

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Bee Hive Relocation

This was a very strong colony that had somehow survived years of neglect – most likely not the original bees, but subsequent swarms that had moved in and set up shop. Even for late September the bees were extremely docile and working with them was a pleasure. Hopefully they will be happy in their new home with their new caretakers. 

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