Bee Tree Rescue 

This is probably the last one of 2017 – coordinating with the homeowner, city, and arborist crew to do a live bee colony removal from heritage oak that was diseased and needed to come down in Atherton.

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Bee Hive Relocation

This was a very strong colony that had somehow survived years of neglect – most likely not the original bees, but subsequent swarms that had moved in and set up shop. Even for late September the bees were extremely docile and working with them was a pleasure. Hopefully they will be happy in their new home with their new caretakers. 

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Bees in the Oven Vent

That’s strange noise you hear coming from the oven ventilation system? Bees! We started the trapout on this colony and hopefully in a few weeks everybody will have moved into the box and can be relocated out to Woodside.

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Honeybee Wall Colony Removsl

This honey bee colony had taken up residence inside of the wall between the studs up at the ceiling in an empty vaulted space. The thermal camera identified the center of the brood nest and the colony was successfully removed.

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More Yellowjackets

These guys look especially scary. 

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Late Season Micro Swarm 

This may be the latest and smallest honeybee swarm call of the season. But not to worry – a beekeeper friend went out and collected that valuable queen and her retinue. 

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Incredible Aerial Yellowjacket Colony 

This 3 football sized aerial yellow jacket (Dolichovespula arenaria) colony was hanging from a tree in Hillsborough and needed to be removed. It struck me as a very interesting and beautiful piece of architecture!

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