Palo Alto External Bee Colony Removal

This mass of bees started out as a swarm cluster about a week ago judging by how much new white comb was present and the number of eggs laid. They we’re unable to locate a new home, or decided that hanging from the roof was a suitable location to expand into a full-grown colony. But, understandibly, the homeowner wasn’t too excited about an exposed colony around the yard where kids and dogs roam so they needed to be relocated. 

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San Carlos Bee Tree – Live Removal

The trapout that was started a few weeks ago is going really well. There are several frames of bees in the box including a laying queen. Apparently some bees didn’t figure out their new living situation but they were gently helped into the box 😀

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Emerald Hills Oak Tree Trapout

Here is part one of a trapout live removal of honeybees from a heritage oak in Emerald Hills. As you can see the trap out started to work immediately and the bees have already found the box to move into. In a few weeks it should be complete. 

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Palo Alto Fence Bee Rescue 

These bees had set up home inside a decorative column that was part of a fence and needed to be removed. It was pretty straightforward – lift off the cement cap, remove a wood covering, then cut out the comb and vacuum out the bees. Fortunately the queen was able to be captured and everyone and their comb was placed in a nuc box and moved out to their new home in Woodside. 

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San Carlos Bee Tree – Part 1

This trap out was started today on a gigantic heritage oak with five openings. I got them all sealed up except for one, placed the exit and a box, and it’s off…….

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Palo Alto/Stanford Roof Bee Removal

This was a colony living inside the attic space of a home in the Stanford neighborhood of Palo Alto. The trapout went perfectly and the queen is happily laying in her new box. 

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Do Not Spray Your Swarm of Bees!

Got a swarm call today that nobody likes – bees sprayed with insecticide. Learn your lesson people: you will never kill them all, no beekeeper will collect them, and now the swarm has little chance of survival. Lose lose lose. 

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