What NOT to do When You Have a Bee Problem

1.  Do not try to steal them in a wall with expanding foam. If they don’t chew their way out, they will die and liquefy and with the honey and baby bees and rot and stink.  Then you have a new problem – oozing stinking fluid in your walls seeping out and also attracting ants, mice, and rats.

2. Do not spray with wasp spray. You will not kill them all because 98% are deep in the wall or roof or tree. You will only make them mad and make the situation more difficult to deal with when a beekeeper is called to help.

3. Do not call an exterminator. For the same price or less, you can have a competent beekeeper save and rescue the whole colony and remove all the honey, wax, brood, and bees. Save the bees!

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Brisbane Swarm Rescue

Was called in today to help a fellow  beekeeper with a high up swarm which in the end it was about 4 1/2 pounds – massive!

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Belmont Bee Swarm Rescue

Grab the big swarm today in Belmont – probably 3 pounds worth of beers – and even found the queen in the process. Yay!

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Los Altos Hills Structural Bee Removal

I received a call last night about a property going on the market in Los Altos Hills that had some bees coming in and out of a small crack in the structure outside. A quick viewing with thermal camera revealed a sizable colony which was easily exposed and removed. In the end I mounted five frames of solid brood comb and the food stores, and 2 x 5 gallon buckets of bees. Everybody happy!

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San Mateo Swarm Catch

Received a call today from a credit union that a swarm looked like it was about to move into a stucco wall. We sprung into action, dropped a bait hive, and happily watched everybody move into the box instead of the wall. Good catch. Small swarm but really nice bees. 

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Bee Tree Trapout Started in Palo Alto

Unfortunately the entrance of this bee tree was at kid height so it is time for these bees to go. In a few weeks the bees will all be safely removed and everyone happy! 

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Mountain View Bee Swarm on a Car

Off we go to rescue this drive by swarm in Mountain View. 

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