More Yellowjackets

These guys look especially scary. 

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Late Season Micro Swarm 

This may be the latest and smallest honeybee swarm call of the season. But not to worry – a beekeeper friend went out and collected that valuable queen and her retinue. 

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Incredible Aerial Yellowjacket Colony 

This 3 football sized aerial yellow jacket (Dolichovespula arenaria) colony was hanging from a tree in Hillsborough and needed to be removed. It struck me as a very interesting and beautiful piece of architecture!

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Yellowjackets Are Still Not Fun

Here is a big aerial yellowjacket colony living in the space above the garage. I can confirm that yellow jackets sting more and are more painful than honeybees.

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External Bee Colony Rescue

This colony was hanging from a tree in San Bruno in the cold and fog. It looks like a swarm settled but couldn’t find a new location so they set up shop here. The bees were all removed alive and relocated to their new home.

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Redwood City Trapout

This was a pretty straightforward trap out of a honey bee colony in Redwood City. Place the cone, hang the box, and wait four weeks. In the end the bees were happy, the homeowner was happy, and I was happy.

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Oak Tree Combo Cutout Trapout Bee Removal

Bees were found to be flying in and out of a sealed up hollow in an oak tree. The plan was originally to pop off the cover, install a mesh cover and cone then start a trapout, but the colony was built up right under the cover. So it made the most sense to do a cutout and move the entire colony into the box then make the trapout. Will give it a few weeks for the stragglers to emerge and join the colony in the box. 

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