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The best time of the year to be a beekeeper!

Almost 7 gallons of honey harvested today from the girls. This will be honey from the spring nectar flow which is very light and floral tasting. Yay! Advertisements

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Belmont roof swarm

This was a really cool swarm in Belmont that settled on the crest of a roof and draped them selves over the edge. This was a good size swarm that took two vacuum buckets, so probably 5 to 6 pounds … Continue reading

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Redwood City swarm collection

Well the season for swarms is still in full swing – this was a nice one parked on a fence in Redwood City that turned out to be an easy grab with the bee vac.

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SMBG at Maker Faire

Come check out the San Mateo Beekeepers Guild at Makers Faire! We have live bees, honey, info, and the trivia wheel 😃👍🐝

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Completed trapout in White Oaks

This feral colony of bees was a little hot and the homeowners decided that it would be best to have the colony relocated so a trap out was set up and four weeks later the bees are safely removed and … Continue reading

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Swarm arrival

These bees showed up a few days ago to set up a colony in an old squirrel box in the backyard. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Palo Alto wall colony trapout

Here we have a small newly established colony (approx. 12×16″) in a divider wall in Palo Alto. It was decided that the best approach to remove the bees is a trapout which has been started here.

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